Our cooperation with leading Polish scientific research centres makes it possible for us to launch, among others, product and marketing innovations improving the functionality of household chemicals.


Our modern Quality Control Laboratory allows for accurate product analysis at each stage of the production process. Moreover, the quality improvement systems in place make our household chemical products completely safe.


The household chemicals offered by CHEMIA-POLSKA are characterised by high biodegradability as well as neutral environmental impact.


We are fully aware of the responsibility for our operations and therefore our priority is to ensure that our products are safe and environment-friendly through promotion, information and education.
The Research and Development Department of our company employs young and ambitious scientists who are constantly searching for new solutions. They consult and develop their ideas and knowledge through contacts with leading Polish scientific research institutes and business organisations.
Katedra Technologii Chemicznej Organicznej i Petrochemii Politechniki Śląskiej w Gliwicach

Department of Chemical Organic Technology and Petrochemistry, Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice

The opportunity to use modern and well-equipped laboratories of the Department allows our company to carry out detailed analyses of the products developed. The Department specialises mainly in research on the synthesis of fine chemicals and asymmetric synthesis. Therefore, the opportunity to consult the employees of the Department has become truly invaluable for us.

Polskie Stowarzyszenie Producentów Kosmetyków i Środków Czystości

Polish Association of Cosmetics and Home Care Products Producers

As a member of the Association, CHEMIA-POLSKA has unrestricted access to the latest legal regulations. What is more, our active participation in the meetings of the Association allows us to exert a real influence on industry-related bills. The Polish Association of Cosmetics and Home Care Products Producers is the only organisation in Poland that operates on the synergy between the industry of cosmetics and home care products, including biocidal products. The Association encompasses about 60 small, medium and large companies from the cosmetics and the detergent sectors, which create over 100 thousand jobs in Poland. The Association represents over 300 cosmetic and detergent brands.

Regionalna Izba Gospodarcza w Katowicach

Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice

Our membership in the Chamber, as an organisation of economic self-government, guarantees that our interests will be duly represented, especially before state and self-government authorities.

Instytut Chemii Przemysłowej im. prof. I. Mościckiego w Warszawie

Industrial Chemistry Research Institute in Warsaw

Cooperation with the scientists of the Department of Household Chemicals, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Intermediates has allowed CHEMIA-POLSKA to create an innovative solution that will form the basis of newly launched products. The Industrial Chemistry Research Institute was founded in Lviv in 1922 and still remains the leading research institute in Poland in the field of applied and development research for chemistry and chemical technology. The post-war accomplishments include over 2,000 patents, hundreds of original technological and apparatus developments that have been applied on an industrial scale, both domestically and worldwide.

Wydział Biologii i Nauk o Środowisku Uniwersytetu Kardynała Stanisława Wyszyńskiego w Warszawie

Department of Biology and Environmental Science in Warsaw (UKSW)

Reducing the environmental impact of our products has been the priority of CHEMIA-POLSKA ever since we started cooperating with the Department of Biology and Environmental Science in Warsaw (UKSW). The Department was founded in 2009, and currently employs university teachers and specialists in both of the fields mentioned above and in related areas. The Department carries out both national and international research of horizontal nature that creates a multidisciplinary platform for scientific cooperation.