Our cooperation with leading Polish scientific research centres makes it possible for us to launch, among others, product and marketing innovations improving the functionality of household chemicals.


Our modern Quality Control Laboratory allows for accurate product analysis at each stage of the production process. Moreover, the quality improvement systems in place make our household chemical products completely safe.


The household chemicals offered by CHEMIA-POLSKA are characterised by high biodegradability as well as neutral environmental impact.


We are fully aware of the responsibility for our operations and therefore our priority is to ensure that our products are safe and environment-friendly through promotion, information and education.

We will make your daily washing, tidying up and cleaning
safe for you and your environment


The dilemma of choice…

Up until now, you have been faced with the dilemma of choosing between the effectiveness of a product and its impact on your skin, materials and fabrics. Thanks to the innovations introduced by CHEMIA-POLSKA, you will be able to enjoy products that combine both these features.

If you are looking for household chemicals that are:

  • highly effective for their intended applications;
  • gentle on your hands and environment;
  • highly biodegradable;
  • free of any irritants;

Our products have been created just for you.


CHEMIA-POLSKA, as the producer of chemicals for washing, tidying up and cleaning, pays particular attention to:

  • The high quality and biodegradability of our semi-finished products/raw materials used in the production of household chemicals;
  • The advanced quality control system at each stage of the production process, and to the cutting-edge standard of the production lines;
  • The minimisation of environmental impact.

Department of Chemical Organic Technology and Petrochemistry, Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice

The opportunity to use modern and well-equipped laboratories of the Department allows our company to carry out detailed analyses of the products developed.

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Polish Association of Cosmetics and Home Care Products Producers

As a member of the Association, CHEMIA-POLSKA has unrestricted access to the latest legal regulations. What is more, our active participation in the meetings of the Association allows us to exert a real influence on industry-related bills.

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Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice

Our membership in the Chamber, as an organisation of economic self-government, guarantees that our interests will be duly represented, especially before state and self-government authorities.

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Industrial Chemistry Research Institute in Warsaw

Cooperation with the scientists of the Department of Household Chemicals, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Intermediates has allowed CHEMIA-POLSKA to create an innovative solution that will form the basis of newly launched products.

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Department of Biology and Environmental Science in Warsaw (UKSW)

Reducing the environmental impact of our products has been the priority of CHEMIA-POLSKA ever since we started cooperating with the Department of Biology and Environmental Science in Warsaw (UKSW).

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